Raffle Donations

Raffle Donations

Thanks to your generous donations each year, the Convention raffle is always fun and interesting.  The raffle also helps pay for Convention costs.  Please feel free to make a donation this year.  Previous donation have included; quilts, beadwork, artwork, jewlery, paintings, jackets, T-shirts, shawls, pottery and electronics etc.



We are currently accepting donations for this years Convention raffle.



Many people ask each year how they can help.  the answer is to please pre-register for the Convention.  Please purchase a Banquet ticket and Brunch Ticket.  If you are enjoying the benefits of sobriety, please feel free to help by sponsoring a banquet ticket or two.  Sponsoring persons for registration is a great way the help those in need.  Donating as a member of the fellowship is welcome too.

The Raffle is a fun way to donate.  Last year an individual donated a star quilt because members of the family are in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.  The raffle sales help pay for several areas of the

Convention, including the Pow Wow.  No AA registration money is used to pay for non AA activities.


Please bring your donation(s) to the Convention and see the Hospitality Chair Person.


If you have any questions, please contact us through the contact page of this website.


Thank you for your gifts.

NAI-AA Convention.