Flag Ceremony

Flag Ceremony

Flag Ceremony

 National International Native American Indian

Alcoholics Anonymous Flag Ceremony Protocol


Tribal members with an active AA meeting on their reservation are encouraged to bring a Tribal Flag for posting and presenting in the Flag Ceremony.  Suggested is to have one Flag carrier per Tribe and that AA groups on your reservation select a person to carry your Tribal / Indigenous Flag.  Traditional dress is encouraged but optional.


Official Flag Ceremony: The NAI-AA CONVENTION Flag Ceremony is scheduled for Friday evening, September 08, 2018 preceding the evenings Speaker Meeting.  All Flag carriers will pick up their Flags and line up at 6:00 p.m.  At 6:30 p.m. the Official Flag Ceremony will begin.  The name of the tribe will be introduced and the Flag bearer will walk the Flag center stage and after introduction and presentation is concluded they will post their Flag at the designated spot on the Convention floor.  Please be prepared to present and share about the flag you are carrying.


Flag Ceremony Practice run is scheduled for Thursday Night at 9:30 p.m. after the Speaker Meeting.


PowWow: Flag carriers are to participate in Grand Entry at the opening of the PowWow Ceremony.  Please line up according to the PowWow Coordinator.


Closing Ceremony: We would like all Flags to remain posted for the duration of the Convention and retire the Flags at the closing session along with our regular closing ceremonies.


Please plan to bring your own flag pole and stand. Flag carriers will need to present their tribal flag.  Come prepared to share about the flag you will be presenting.


Location for all Flags: Upon arrival at the Convention site, Flag carriers will be directed to the main convention session area to fasten and post your Flag.






Registering For the Flag Ceremony


Option A:   Register by Mail - Register for the 2018 Convention Flag Ceremony by printing and completing the Printable Registration Form. Mark Flag Ceremony Registration box and provide the Tribal Flag Description / Colors.  Please send payment when Pre-Registering.  (No cash when mailing)


Option B:    Register Online - Pre-Register / yourself and your flag online.

                                                  PayPay Online Registration.


Option C:    Register on Site at the Convention Registration Desk.




Thank you for participating in this years NAI-AA Convention.